Friesian Horse Sanctuary                                                 

A 501(c) 3 Tax Deductible Non Profit
Fed I.D. # 45-2512744n 
Cal. Dpt. of Justice Reg # CT0210364

friesian horse rescue

friesian horse

Photo: ©2007 Laura Zugzda,

Pacific Equine Rescue Mission Statement

Dedicated to improving the life quality of the pure bred Friesian horse and/or Friesian cross by providing a safe caring environment for the duration of their lives.  We employ the innate gentle nature of our Friesian horses to enrich the lives of people in need.

The purpose Of Pacific Equine Friesian Rescue:

  • Insure the safety &  well being of all Friesian horses where the need arises either by rescue or owner surrender.
  • Employ our suitable  horses for the purpose of healing to enhance the lives of both the horses & the individuals interacting with them. Areas of focus on Individuals seeking our Equine assisted programs : Boundaries/Assertive Communication, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, PTSD, Grief/Spirituality, Depression and Anxiety. Individuals, couples, families, or groups are welcome.
  • Do our part to break the cycle of neglect & abuse by educating youth about the responsibility,  stewardship & moral obligations of horse ownership.

Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law .They are appreciated & humbly requested.

friesian horse donations


100% of your donation goes to the horses feed, farrier or medical.

We depend solely on volunteers with NO PAID POSITIONS.

Sponsorship  of a particular Friesian horse; For those desiring to help in the care of a particular Friesian horse, but are unable to adopt, the Friesian horse of your choice becomes yours! able to be ridden if experienced, groomed, and handled by you as often as you wish during open hours while the support continues.

A Friesian Horse sponsorship Donation is $100 or more monthly.