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friesian horse rescue

friesian horse

Photo: ©2007 Laura Zugzda, www.lauraz.net

Pacific Equine Rescue Mission Statement

Dedicated to improving the life quality of the pure bred Friesian horse by providing a caring natural environment designed to return a horse to their rightful origins for the duration of their lives, a herd dynamic.

The purpose Of Pacific Equine Friesian Rescue:

  • Insure the safety &  well being of all Friesian horses where the need arises either by rescue or owner surrender.
  • Employ our suitable  horses for the purpose of enrichment & healing of both the horses & the individuals interacting with them. Areas of focus on Individuals seeking  Equine assisted GROWTH & HEALING: Boundaries/Assertive Communication, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, PTSD, Grief/Spirituality, Depression and Anxiety. Individuals, couples, families, or groups are welcome.
  • Do our part to break the cycle of neglect & abuse by educating youth about the responsibility,  stewardship & moral obligations of horse ownership.

Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law .They are appreciated & humbly requested.

Fed I.D. # 45-2512744n 

Cal. Dpt. of Justice Reg # CT0210364

friesian horse donations

100% of your donation goes to the horses feed, farrier or medical. We depend solely on volunteers with NO PAID POSITIONS. Sponsorship  of a particular Friesian horse; For those desiring to help in the care of a particular Friesian,  the  horse of your choice becomes YOURS Exclusively to visit, groom, handle, love & be doted upon by you while the support continues. A Friesian Horse sponsorship Donation is $100 or more monthly.