About Us


We are located 30 minutes west of Paso Robles on Lake Nacimiento California. Our Friesian & Gypsy horses enjoy daily turnout on our 440 acre ranch where they choose for themselves to either seek shelter inside the barn or roam & graze. The Oak studded rolling hills offer a host of nutritious indigenous natural grasses & wildflowers to graze upon.  Their  lifestyle mimics life centuries ago with the exception of care. We call them in each evening for their grain, inspecting them all for ticks, nicks or scrapes & blanketing on the excessively chilly nights. They live as a small herd and are allowed the freedom to mingle and work through the politics of the natural pecking order to establish their place within the herd.

Changing Lives One Horse at a time!

My personal goal is to share our horses for the purpose of enhancing their lives as well as healing & bringing JOY to the lives of those seeking the Friesian experience. For some it’s merely seeing a Friesian in person. For others it’s a relationship, playing, grooming, walking, riding, etc. Each member of our small herd has a gentle demeanor. They love attention and seek companionship. We welcome those seeking a deeper understanding of horses, the Friesian breed or of themselves as each of our horses possess the magical calming qualities necessary for a healing experience, spiritual growth,  understanding the value of transparent communication  & transformation if desired.


Our 2015 Goal is to continue to build relationships with local schools, families, treatment & outreach programs & Individuals having the desire to take place in “experiential”  Equine Assisted healing & growth  Please feel free to contact us with inquiries.


  • EAGALA:  Certified as an Equine Specialist
    • HIGH & H.I.P. CERTIFIED  (Horse Inspired Growth & Healing & Horse Inspired Psychotherapy)- Through Suzi Landolphi : Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor
  • Ranch Veteranarian:

Creston Veterinary Service Inc. DR. Kristina Grewal
Creston, CA 93432
ph: 805-239-9963
fax: 805-239-9875

Ranch farrier :

Chad Simmons 805-865-3638

Lynch Canyon Rd, Bradley Ca, 93426
310-591-6995  greenegigi@aol.com